This educational brochure takes readers on honey’s journey from bees’ collection of nectar, transformation in the hive and the collection and bottling from the beekeeper. Fun fact call-outs throughout the piece give readers a look at the most fascinating characteristics of honey bees. Readers will be amazed when they read about the 300+ varietals of honey and inspired by simple tips on how to help the bees. Accompanied with beautiful photography and artwork, Honey’s Sweet Journey is as visually appealing as it is educational. (50 Pack)


A limited quantity of three packs of 50 of this brochure is free of charge to people in the Honey Industry and Honey Associations. 

Product size is 6 ¾ inches x 6 ¾ inches folded.

Honey's Sweet Journey - (50 Pack) Maximum FREE Quantity (3) Every 180 Days

  • $3.50 per 50 pack

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