The newest addition to our educational brochures, A Sweet Story takes kids on honey’s journey from flower to table. In this brochure children will get to know the ins and outs of how honey is made by bees, harvested by friendly beekeepers and prepared for their kitchen, all told by our favorite friendly forager honey bee, Scout. This brochure also features six kid-friendly honey recipes, simple bug identification, tips on how to help the bees and a fun maze activity. Learning has never been sweeter! (50 Pack)

A limited quantity of seven (7) packs of 50 of this brochure is free of charge to people in the Honey Industry and Honey Associations. 

Product size is 8 inches x 6 inches folded.

A Sweet Story - (50 Pack) Maximum FREE Quantity (7) Every 180 Days

  • $9.00 per 50 pack.

  • 7 available for free every 180 days. Free Items Will Show Up Upon Checkout